Tier List: Top 50 decks the Upcoming Regional Season (April 1 – June 1 2020)

Hello fellow duelists and welcome to the start of the end of link format. We’re entering into an exciting era for YuGiOh. Old decks are reborn and the pitter-patter of new opportunities are ringing through the minds of creative deck builders everywhere. But what will be the preeminent deck to play during the next regional season? The one bursting at the seams forthcoming events? Duelists, theory-crafters and filthy casuals have been racking their brains about what will be the best thing since sliced Double-Helix to grace table 1. 

Don’t worry, we’ve done the research and compiled a list so accurate, precise and unarguable that it’d make Trump apologise.

They’ll be ordered in reverse tier order and ranked within that tier from 50 – 1. It will all make sense so calm down. If you disagree with the ranking of anything then feel free to leave a comment. I expect 0 comments as this is the best YuGiOh tier list ever compiled and is the far and away the most accurate thing to grace your eyeballs. 

Tier K

50 – UA

The Ultra Athletes scrape into this list on the basis that they’re the only athletes allowed to compete at the moment. They tag in and out like an IPW wrestler in Drury. In the hands of a competent duelist, you might be able to sneak a win at a locals


49 – Dream Mirror

A Deck so powerful, it got terraforming limited to 1 (check the ban list and release of Dream mirror). The hot-swap-ability of the monsters and field spells is only mitigated by the fact that you have to run them all in the deck. If they had a card that could be a ditto-like-card they might be a bit higher on the list. 

Tier J

48 – Crystron

This deck once topped an 8 man Gisborne regional and now with the release of their long-awaited Link monster Crystron Hasdhnfmknbqaleifjhobrax, they’re poised to move up the tier list and compete in upcoming regionals this format. 


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. A once proud beast, like the mighty lion, has been relegated to be nothing but Tough control. Wildly inconsistent in the previous format, perhaps a heavy-handed approach? Time will tell.



46 – Plunder Patrol

Ahoy, Plunder Patrol be here t’ acquire th’ booty o’ yer opponents extra deck. As this format evolves more ‘n more scallywags may look t’ harness th’ raw power o’ this deck. Gangway.

45 – Ritual Beast

Not really sure as to why Cannahawk is still at 1 when Construct (EL) is at 3 but hey, those 20-minute SPYRAL, Zoodiac, Six Samurai, Gouki, Yang Zing et al combos weren’t as bad as the 10-minute Ritual Beast one right? MR5 gives this deck a boost with the ability to bring out more than one beast and the forgotten link monsters bonus normal summon gives it a bit of pop. 

Tier I

44 – Lunalight OTK

Now that the dastardly Lunalight Tiger has had a pre-emptive hit in anticipation for degenerate combos and forced True Draco players to LEAVE, the true, pure Lunalight players can take charge and head into the luminosity of the moon. (43rd place) 


43 – Witchcrafter

Regaining resources after discarding them should be a great, powerful, next-sky-striker-mechanic but it’s not quite there yet. The new support from IGAS enables a few 1 – 2 card stun combos that can catch unwitting opponents off guard, try it out if you really want to annoy someone with Secret Village (note the matchup with Altergeist sucks).

42 –  Generaider

More Tokens than your body has room form. Pairs nicely with tricksters to tickle the palate with annoying “combos” and frustrating effects. Perfect for playing against people who don’t RTFC.

41 – Fluffals

I predict this deck will move up the rankings at a rate faster than they can OTK you. Don’t sleep on this deck as you wouldn’t sleep with a Frightfur Daredevil. This deck took a huge hit from MR4 and never really got a stranglehold so look for that to be reversed. If it can find a good going first play it could move up a couple of tiers.

40 – Odd-eyes

Odd-eyes is a deck that is full of amazing cards that don’t quite work together, at first glance. If you can figure out the intricacies of the deck and build some spicy tech in it will take you far. The ability to pull in a plethora of Rank 7 cards across the board without being bogged down by links will help. 

Tier H

39 – Zoodiac

Drident was never the problem, like, just run Book of Moon.. Having no Broadbulll and no Barrage really hurts the deck. I anticipate you’ll run into the deck a long the way from people living in the past and/or denial. Move along. 

zoo38 – Ghostrick

Forever underrated, The hand trap deck that can be quite hard to beat can generate resources at a staggering rate, the resources you gather don’t actually do anything. Until now. The ability to combine lots of XYZ and Link monsters such as Infinitrack Megaclops into your strategy will bewilder and prove tough for opponents, at least for game 1.

37 – Gouki

Discount SPYRAL

36 – Mermail

Mermail always pops it’s stinky little fish head up at the start of every new format and new Master Rules are even worse. I do anticipate with the recent freeing of the Diva that there could be some potential for talented players to take this deck far, alas, they’re playing Mermails so not to worry. 

35 – Dark Magician

Fresh off receiving brand new support, SPYRAL Dark Magician can start to shine. The control from abusing circle and strong beaters allow you to attack your opponent’s life points directly and walk off into the sunset. 

Tier G

34 – Darklord

Darklords are a powerful archetype that gets a boost from MR5, they can pivot into rank 8s and rank 10s to OTK at the drop of a hat and with the addition of the long-awaited thicc Link Monster, they’re ready to compete.

33 – Metalfoe Yang Zing

Crystron Halqifibrax and Master Rule 5 have combined to breathe new life into the best deck ever created. The full end boards aren’t quite the same and you don’t need the same 4 cards opening hand to play but the variations and control you can consistently achieve are something to grin about and watch NY3’s entire Yang Zing library for the 10th time. 


32 – Tenyi

The spiritual successor the Yang Zings, Tenyi has been relegated to engines and support for various other decks. It can and does stand on its own quite well in capable hands. It takes a lot to clear boards and finish duels but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one toping one of those upcoming regionals before June.

31 – Marincess

Water Salamangreat is a fun deck with heaps of potential. It’s unfortunate that the plays are aggressively linear and only work against slow decks that can’t pop a spell card. The deck suffers from a lack of an omni negate other than Marincess Wave and I feel like a searchable Counter Trap would put this boi over the top. MR5 doesn’t really do much for this deck, perhaps it could pivot into a synchro deck with Diva at the helm? 

30 – Prankids

Combo Combo Combo – Every time I play against this deck and lose I’m pretty sure they’re cheating but I just can’t figure out which card they’re using more than once to do the stuff they can do but maybe I should be the one that RTFC. The advent of MR5 will allow this deck to get its fusions out quicker and with one YCS win under its belt already, could there be more wins on the horizon? 

Tier F

29 – Zombies

There are so many ways to play zombies and with the new Eldich Archetype being released there’s even more congestion than the harbour bridge at 8:49 am on the first day of school back after the lockdown. Pick your poison from Zombie World, Mayakashi, Eldich, Shiranui or Il Bud control. Was further up in past seasons and has the potential if and when a gap opens up. 

28 – Synchro Spam

This deck was a favourite at the announcement of the rule revisions. The hype has tempered a little bit with the first round of hits to Needlefibre but the power is still present with Junk Speeder. If you can find a way to get non-tuners on the board better that’d be swell.

27 – Six Samurai 

If you want to play FTK you can, if you want to play summon every negate possible, you can. Pick your favourite degenerate delicacy and pray they’ve got nothing to hit your Six Samurai Isolde

26 – Infernoid

Infernoid is a deck of D.D Crows with effects that can disrupt and annoy. A deck that needs to be understood to counter (Just hit the Feast) is a little bit too fragile to be further up the list unfortunately. Bette luck next time HH

25 – Sky Strikers

The addition of extra Widow Anchors could bring this almost-burning-abyss-length-meta-deck back into the spotlight, it takes more brainpower than most to play so you may run into a couple of die-hard weebs that are actually good at YuGiOh playing it in and around the top tables. One to watch. 

24 – Thunder Dragons

No Colossus no problems? Similar to SPYRAL and Sky Striker, you have to completely rework your muscle memory with Thunder Dragons to achieve any kind of success, sure the baseline combos to start is there but knowing when and where to end is key. Once you learn this you might be alright. Just don’t poo the bed when you verse a 10-year-old. 

Tier E

23 – Unchained

Unchained is a deck that I don’t think is very well understood. We’ve had a few players at our locals playing it to varied success and at the Bay Dragon Regionals Earlier in the year, it did very well to start with. The main hindrance to our favourite pop-doggos is the lack of any boosties from MR5 going forward. New support or offhand support could boost this one up if some of the Duel Overload cards can push it over the hill. 

22 – Blue Eyes 

Blue Eyes gets a boost with MR5, bringing back the power of both rank 8 and synchro 9 (not you Trish) without relying on any arrows or degeneracy. The ability to play through cards such as scythe & Buster dragon is very powerful too as absolute hasn’t gone away. (in fact, it’s back, in the movie pack, for the last time) Blue eyes are also referred to as bad “Galaxy-Eyes”.

21 – Galaxy- Eyes

Also known as better Blue Eyes, the decks function similar but galaxy eyes can access some of the Cyber Dragon Extra deck and can access the rank 8s a lot faster. 

20 – Nekroz

I guess we can’t forget about the ritual mechanic right? Nekroz is a semi-consistent deck that is still pretty hard to play right, having easy access to turn off the extra deck switch is going to be huge in the early stages of Master Rule 5 where everyone’s going to want to spam out their stuff. 

19 – Orcust

Orcust is the first deck on this list that’s getting a direct boost from Duel Overload (the good cards) The ability to spam out monster still gives quick access to some of the degeneracy associated with Union Hanger, Buster Whelp & Simorgh. Using the scrap engine is helpful to keep the monsters a-flowing and the extra deck-a-slowing. 

Tier D

18 – Crusadia

Another deck that has the ability to go first with the Guardragon engine setting up a few negates and locks, or if they lose the dice roll just go for an Equimax or Borrelsword. Most people understand where the choke-points are so you have to be a bit lucky. 

17 – Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon gets infinitely better with the new rules allowing for multiple XYZ and fusion monsters to enter the field and overwhelm your opponent. The deck was already competitive in previous formats and can be considered a rouge contender at all regional events this format.  

16 – Damien Special. 

Never discount the Damien Special. If you’re going into an event with no outs in the land of the long white cloud you’re in for a bad time. 

15 – Raidraptor

With the demise of Lunalights, Raidraptors (with Blackwings) looks to be one of the strongest Rank 4 engines. Geared towards getting out Raidraptor Wise Strix to strengthen boards like a good epoxy dip. The birds could be back. 

14 – Burn / Mine

Here’s an interesting fact for you. Brilliant Fusion is at 0 and Mystic Mine is at 3.

Tier C

13 – D/D/D

As soon as Sir Jerome announced the revisions to our glorious rules, a squeal was let out across the land, that squeal wasn’t the front door on my house that I forgot to CRC, it was D/D/D players getting everything they’ve ever wanted, since that one week before Raging Tempest. Compounded with the release of Gilgamesh, the right pilot with a galaxy brain could do some damage. 

12 – Gren Maju

Big boy gets big and does big damage. Forever the rouge unit. 

11 – Guru Control

The greatest pivot since Ross tried to move furniture is still going strong. Nothing like Subterrors were ever designed to be from the get-go, Guru has become the only mildly less frustrating version of True Draco (not featured) Look for it to start the format strong and fade away towards the end. (this will be in the same spot for all formats in the future for the same reason).

10 – Altergeist

Basically the same as Guru but just a bit more trap heavy. Always spurts out at the start of a format to steal events when people don’t quite know what to expect. Interchangeable with Guru Control. 

9 – Adamancipator

Between a rock and a hard place with this one, who knows when we will actually see it and any result will be skewed by simulated-RNG but the way it plays and the amount of new mechanics it brings to the game is quite scary. It’s a cross between Sylvans, Naturia and maybe, SPYRAL. 

Tier B 

8 – Heroes

New Zealand is a funny place. The last 2 – 3  formats in NZ have been almost dominated by heroes from a participation standpoint but not from a top 8 standpoint. It’s another case of a fan deck being overplayed. Don’t get me wrong it’s a strong choice but I think New Zealand is solely responsible for propping up the price of Adusted Gold. I think it’s struggles in the last format may be solved just by the removal of SPYRAL from the game thus removing Droll & Lock Bird from side decks (and main decks).

7 – Pendulum

I find it interesting that the pendulum mechanic has almost morphed into solely being its own archetype. It’s a mash-up of various strategies that can range from Zefras through to Performapals. The addition of nu-Electrumite gives it a timely boost and it still has a very strong rank 4 engine that can facilitate some of the Raidraptor and Simorgh plays. 

6 – Madolchemadolche

Madolche has been, since Return of the Duelist, an under the radar glass-canon of a deck that can finish you off from nowhere. Konami has taken a stance with this deck and the last 4 cards, starting in Rising Rampage, have brought it forward, to a point where you can play it as a going first deck. With the forthcoming mix of cards from Eternity Code, there will be whole lotta tins getting buttered. 


5 – PK Fire

The only thing that’s changed to swing this deck up from the bottom is the master rule. It really is close to full power in the right hands and I think we will see another bounce back in the eternal deck. Dante is back and will make huge waves. Of fire. From the lake.  

4 – Salamangreat

Like any good control deck, Salamangreat has adapted to the hits it has received and it almost feels like it’s sitting at a point where it’s as strong as it’s ever been. The core engine is mostly, still intact and the ability to easily access at least one disruption on your first turn is often enough to win most matches. The thing that can put this one over the top is the pilot. I see a lot of competitions with a variety of skill levels playing the deck with the ease of access to the cards. Like any good top deck, it has the ability to succeed going first or second with easy OTK access turn 2. 

3 – Dinosaurs

Another forever deck. Dinosaurs are nearing full power. Their ability to both; create boards and OTK depending on the dice-roll. Your opponent will be torn with that dice roll decision. Build up a VFD turn one backed up by your choice of  Evolzar monster (matchup dependant) expect a lot of this deck to be played if it does well it’s easy to pick up but hard to master, ask my 10-year-old and his victims. 


2 – Dragon Link

One of the harder decks to master at the moment. The flexibility, recursion and options available to you make this deck a modern-day D/D/D or Zefra deck. There’s not a linear bone in its body. Expect to see not much of this deck floating around but be careful if you run into someone who knows what they’re doing or they’ll be pretty hard to beat. Like the other top decks has ability going first or second so watch out. 

1 – Invoked Shaddoll

The best deck of the format is defined by consistency, power and access to a win condition. Winning easy duels in early rounds with a Winda pass is a great way to conserve energy mentally. The consistency of the deck with the invoked engine is great as it allows you to access your fusion spells quickly which, traditionally, is the weakest point of the deck. The deck has great going second potential thanks to Super Poly and the new Predaplant Verte Anaconda. 

DAS Conclusion

Thank you for getting this far, you’ll, of course, be floored with the information, accuracy and perfection of my tier list that you won’t have any suggestions, changes or negative things to say. So why not subscribe to the blog and leave a positive word of encouragement.  

4 thoughts on “Tier List: Top 50 decks the Upcoming Regional Season (April 1 – June 1 2020)

Add yours

  1. The more relevant change to Ritual Beasts with MR5 is being able to make Ulti-Gaiapelio without blocking the EMZ/the EMZ not mattering as much. Making more than 1 of the standard fusions is almost never necessary as aside from Cannahawk they aren’t very good.


    1. Agree – it allows you to be more free and jump through fewer hoops to get to where you’re going – good to have 2 Ulti-Apelios on the field for easy OTKs – backed up with the Gaia is pretty handy too. 🙂 Thanks


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