Back to Duel 2022

With a huge amount of fanfare, Back to Duel 2022 has been announced for New Zealand! Earn points at your weekly events to win mats and field centres - Please check with your local OTS store for individual store details. What is Back to Duel? Back to Duel is usually run as a point-based system.... Continue Reading →

2022 Oceanic Championship Invite list

The Oceanic Championship Invite list has now been update! Hope you know your Konami ID number! Please note this is not a finalised list of invited players to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: 2022 OceanicChampionship. Events are still being added to this list.Invite updates will continue until all National/State Championships ended. If you see an event where... Continue Reading →

More WCQ Regionals announced!

Only 3 WCQ Regionals remain for New Zealand's 2022 season! The final 2 Season 3 events were announced yesterday for TCG Collector NZ and Card Merchant Hamilton! With details announced for 2022 State Championships (read here), time is running out for you to secure your invite for the 2022 Oceanic Championships! Event Details: Baydragon event... Continue Reading →

Reprints announced for Mega Tin 2022

Huge news this morning for the 2022 mega tins - Tin of the Pharaoh's Gods "To celebrate the Tins’ historic 20-year run, this year’s Mega Set will also include new artwork for 3 classic monsters that headlined some of the earliest Tins: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Dark Magician Girl! It’ll also include... Continue Reading →

Organised Play Calendar 2021-2022

North Island State Championships - Date and Format Change North Island State Championship is now Saturday 27th November and is now REMOTE DUEL format. This was not an easy change to make, given the this is the second date change, but it was both the safest choice we felt for Duelists, whist giving enough breathing... Continue Reading →

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