Yu-Gi-Oh! Events!

Check back soon for more info regarding weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments and larger events happening around New Zealand!

Eternity Code Premiere Event!
20 – 21 June 2020

Beginning with the Eternity Code booster set release, Sneak Peek events will now be called Premiere! events, a brand-new event series offering Duelists a superior launch experience for all quarterly, core booster releases. This is what you can expect from the Eternity Code Premiere! event:

  • Duelists can purchase more packs of the new set than ever before. While Sneak Peeks limited Duelists to just 5 boosters, Premiere! events will include 5 packs with registration and give attendees the option to purchase additional packs, while supplies last.
  • The promo card for each Premiere! event will be far more exclusive at Premiere! events, the quantity will depend on your local player base. There will also be 2 Premiere! Mouse Pads provided per store as additional prize support.
  • The hosting OTS can choose to run their Premiere! event in the format that best serves their community: tournament play, open Dueling or a mix of both. If the OTS chooses to host a tournament, the promo cards and Mouse Pads will be split between prizing and random giveaways to make sure competitive and casual attendees both get a chance.

With more exclusive promo cards, more freedom in event formats and increased opportunities to purchase more of the new release, Premiere! events will raise the bar for pre-release experiences in 2020 and beyond.

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