2022 Oceanic Championship Invite list

The Oceanic Championship Invite list has now been update! Hope you know your Konami ID number! Please note this is not a finalised list of invited players to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: 2022 OceanicChampionship. Events are still being added to this list.Invite updates will continue until all National/State Championships ended. If you see an event where... Continue Reading →

Dawn of Majesty Premiere!

Premiere Events coming to New Zealand OTS Stores - 7/8 August 2021Get hold of the newest cards from the latest booster pack, Dawn of Majesty before the release date!Premiere! Events are fun casual events that allow for tournament play and Open Dueling to win amazing prizes, including Promotional Ultra Rare Cards, Game Mats and Field... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Cards from Eternity Code

With Eternity Code Premiere Events! happening across New Zealand this weekend (20-21 June 2020) no doubt New Zealand's Duelists are going to be ready to fiend some packs. But what should you be looking for? What should I trade? Why is this card ridiculously shiny?

Eternity Code Premiere Event! 20 & 21 June 2020

Beginning with the Eternity Code booster set release, Sneak Peek events will now be called Premiere! events! Duelists can purchase more packs of the new set than ever before. While Sneak Peeks limited Duelists to just 5 boosters, Premiere! events will include 5 packs with registration and give attendees the option to purchase additional packs,... Continue Reading →

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