Organised Play Calendar 2021-2022

North Island State Championships – Date and Format Change

North Island State Championship is now Saturday 27th November and is now REMOTE DUEL format.

This was not an easy change to make, given the this is the second date change, but it was both the safest choice we felt for Duelists, whist giving enough breathing room for the postponed Qualifiers.

All QUALIFIED players will be able to collect their entry prizes from their local OTS store, whether they attend the online event or not. This way nobody is entirely excluded from not being able to attend Remote Duel events.

OTS Store Championships & WCQ Regional Qualifiers

We’re excited to announce Regionals are back! As well as OTS Store Championships! This brings us more in line with US Organised Play events.

OTS Store Championships can be thought of as diet Regionals. Both events can earn you qualifications for WCQ Continental Championship events.

More details on differences to come soon.

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