State Championships 2021 Announced!

Yu-Gi-Oh! State Championships have arrived to New Zealand!

This October, qualified players from around New Zealand will gather in Auckland OR Christchurch to be crowned 2021 State Champion!

When are the State Championships?

South Island State Championship will be held 9-10th October 2021, in Christchurch, New Zealand.
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North Island State Championship will be held 16-17th October 2021, in Auckland , New Zealand
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Where can I qualify?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Day events (held 3-4th July 2021) were your first chance to qualify.

Extravaganza Qualifiers will be held in OTS stores across New Zealand, from July to September 2021.

A list of Extravaganza Qualifiers will be available soon, on this page.

How do I qualify for State Championship?

Only players who qualify at an Extravaganza Qualifier or Yu-Gi-Oh! Day event can enter the main event.

The Top 2 Duelists at each event will gain entrance to this prestigious event to find the best duelist in each Island!

The main event is free to enter – but you have to have an invite.

A qualified duelist may participate in EITHER the North or South Island State Championship, but only one championship.

Can I still participate if I don’t qualify?

The main event is invite only to enter.

But for duelists that do not qualify, side Events will be available all weekend for all attending duelists, not just qualified players.

These will include Win-A-Mats, Win-A-Boxes, Speed Duel and alternate formats and more!

What can I win at State Championships?

Each State Championship main event will have the following prize structure:

1st Place
Digital Console (e.g. Nintendo Switch or similar)
Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Backpack

2nd Place
48 Booster Packs from recent sets
Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Backpack

3rd-4th Place 24 Booster Packs from recent sets

5th-8th Place 12 Booster Packs from recent sets

Top 16
State Championships 2020 Game Mat
6 Booster Packs from recent sets

Participation OTS Toon Game Mat

Top Cut Game Matfeaturing The Flame Swordsman!
State Championship Main Event participation game mat – featuring Toon Barrel Dragon, Buster Blader and the Dark Magician!
1st Place at Qualifiers will win a Toon Kingdom Game Mat!

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