Rules for 3v3 Team Format

What is 3v3?

3v3 is a team variant of a normal Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. Teams consist of 3 players each, and verse other teams of 3.
Instead of your match being determined by how well an individual duelist does, it depends instead on how your team did as a whole.

So how does it work?

When registering for the event, a teams duelists assign themselves as either Player A, Player B or Player C, under a team name.

Teams then participate in swiss pairings like a normal tournament.
When teams sit down for the round, they will face the duelist from the opposing team that has been assigned the same position as them.

Team 1 Player A vs Team 2 Player A
Team 1 Player B vs Team 2 Player B etc.

Matches are played at the same time as your team mates.
Rounds ares still 40 minutes, played as a best of 3 match between the two corresponding players.

End of match procedures are still the same between players as they would be for a regular tournament.

Your way to a satisfying team win!

How does my team WIN?

The winning team of the round is determined by how many match wins your team has.

In A vs A, the player from Team 1 wins.
In B vs B, the player from Team 2 wins.
In C vs C, the player from Team 1 wins.

Team 1 would win this round, as they have won 2 matches.
This continues round by round till the end of the tournament.
Draws can occur during the swiss portion of a tournament.

TEAM TALK and other strategy.

One of the benefits of 3v3 format is the ability to talk and assist your team mates during matches. BUT there are some conditions.

Player A can only talk to Player B.
Player B can talk to both player A and C.
Player C can only talk to Player B only.
Player A may NOT communicate with player C at all – they can not even pass messages through player B.

Due to Player B’s ability to talk to both Player A and C, it may be advantageous to put your best player in middle due to their advanced knowledge of the game.

Neither player leaves their seat in order to communicate.

If a Duelist’s Match has concluded and they are communicating with a teammate that is still in an ongoing Duel, they do not hinder the ability of Judges, Staff, or other Duelists to get through the aisles.

The communication does not significantly slow down the pace of any ongoing Match.
The communication does not interrupt another ongoing Match.

The communication is verbal. Written notes cannot be used to communicate between Duelists.

Duelists are responsible for their individual gameplay decisions and actions during their Match. Teammates can offer advice or suggestions, but they cannot make final decisions outside of their own Match.

There will be no sharing of cards or fields between teammates.

Each Duelist will play their own opponent.

3v3 Team format is a fun way for you and your friends to enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! in a different format, allowing teams to expand strategies you wouldn’t normally see in a regular tournament.

Give it a shot at your local OTS store sometime!

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