April 2020 Banned List Winners and Losers

In midst of lock-downs and self isolations, Konami tossed Yugi-tubers a crumb of content this week by announcing the latest Forbidden and Limited list for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG effective 1st April 2020.

Source: https://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/

For those of us stuck in the Shadow Realm for the next 4 weeks, this isn’t that impactful outside of online tournaments. So while we are waiting for Crush Card Virus to resolve, lets go through the changes and see who are the winners and losers of this new list:

BANNED (No copies. Zip. Zero. Nada.)

This list is really in 2 parts. The first half nerfs current powerhouse decks: Lunalight and SPYRAL. Master Plan and its interaction with Magician’s Souls allowed players to combo into ridiculous boards from almost nothing. Same can be said with Lunalight Tiger who dodged the “Hard Once Per Turn” bullet from Konami’s clause-gun. Time to put that pussy down.

The other half is preemptively banning cards that would become too powerful with the upcoming Master Rule change in April. With an upcoming lack of restrictions on where Fusion/Synchro/Xyz monsters can be placed on the field, cards like Crystron Halqifibrax become phenomenal play starters – hence Glow-Up Bulb, Steam the Cloak and Destrudo had to go.

Losers: SPYRAL, Lunalight, Blackwings.
Winners: The future of the metagame. Mystic Mine.

LIMITED (There can be only one.)

Dangers!? are hit again with Snek and Jackalope going to 1. This is just seems like Konami sweeping the last of their mistake under the rug.

ABC Buster, Trishula, Toadally Awesome, Librarian and Instant Fusion are all victims of the Master Rule changes. No Links, No Mercy. No doubt these decks will still be tested to their limits despite this.

Konami, however, did look favourably on another previous format deck releasing Zoodiac Drident to 1. Finally Zoodiac’s can return to their 2016 former glory – looping resources and free destruction! Oh, Konami also limited Zoodiac Barrage?
Never mind then.

Winners: Zoodiac.
Losers: Also Zoodiac. Other duelists stuck in 2016.

SEMI-LIMITED (Tea for 2)

HERO has been gaining popularity on the Regional and Locals level, till Konami, like a spoiled child to tired birthday clown, demanded that Malicious perform its party trick of going from 3 to 2 again for the umpteenth time.

Konami tosses a down-on-its-luck Sky Striker a couple of Widow Anchor’s for its troubles.

Winners: Sky Striker.
Losers: HEROs. The entire birthday clown industry.

UNLIMITED (3 of them things)

Necroface wasn’t doing anything at 2, having it at 3 seems fine until your opponent top decks Gren Maju Da Eiza and starts swinging its girth in your face.

Deep Sea Diva? Nice boost for Mermails, and a nice boost for Eternity Code sales with its Deep Sea archetype if it ever releases.

SPYRAL Drones. With Master Plan banned, the decks dead. Drones are the flowers at its grave.

Pot of Avarice could be impactful in a deck like World Chalice, where it only needs life-points and Splendid Venus resolving multiple times for it be a huge play recycling those Shine Balls for another round, and netting 2 cards in hand.

Winners: Rogue Decks (Mermail, Gren Maju, World Chalice)
Losers: Rip SPYRAL. You will not be missed.

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